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1. ID + Video selfie
2. ID + Linked bank account


1.Login information

How does verification work?

We usually verify your identity with some photo ID, proof of address, and/or a picture of you holding your ID.


Buy Verified Lydia Account With Document

Buy Verified Lydia Account With Document from us and get started.


Lydia is an alternative to traditional banking apps for anyone who wants an innovative design, and a unique mobile app to track all your money at a glance and move it with a gesture. Clearer, its interface is also completely customizable.

For all your daily transactions

1. A dedicated European IBAN to receive wires and pay your bills.

2. An Apple Pay & Google Pay compatible Visa Debit card, delivered to your doorstep in 3 days (optional).

3. Disposable virtual card numbers to secure your only payments.

Limitless customization

Customize your accounts with pictures so it looks just like you and organize your money as you think best. These payment methods take money from one of your Lydia accounts.

​About Lydia payment methods

Lydia offers several payment methods: the Lydia card , the Internet card and contactless mobile payment.

The Lydia card is accepted worldwide. You can use it to pay in shops, online and to withdraw cash at any ATM.

The Lydia Internet card produces temporary payment numbers to make secure online payments. You can create and delete those numbers at any time.

Lydia contactless mobile payment allows you to use your phone to pay in all stores that already accept card contactless payment. The payment is secure and with no limit on the amount.

Your Lydia account balance will be updated in real time: your payment and transfers will be instantaneous and directly notified to you. Everywhere on the planet, weekend and bank holidays included.

Your Lydia cards can be used for payments and withdrawals, all over the world – free of charge.

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Bank accounts and IBANs Lydia support

First, you need to add the IBAN of the recipient’s bank account on the app. Your profile will determine whether the IBAN is supported.

If you have a “Verified profile”, you can add (and transfer money to) IBANs of all Euro zone countries.

Paying in-store with Google Pay

There are two scenarios:

1. For a purchase inferior to €30, users just have to “wake up” their phone and approach it to the payment terminal.
2. For a purchase superior to €30, users have to unlock their phone and to approach it to the merchant’s terminal.

In both cases, a “bip” sound will indicate payment has gone through.

Using the QR-code feature

The steps below will help you find the QR-code payment feature:

1. Open Lydia

2. Tap the amount you’s like to pay or send.

3. Select the “QR-code” button located on the top of your screen.

4. The app will then display a QR code on your screen that the person accepting the payment will scan on their device.

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