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Buy Binance verified Account

– Email
– Full Name (first, middle and last)
– Date of birth
– Residential Address
– Nationality


Buy Verified Binance Account

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Account Verification Levels

There are 3 account verification levels and here’s what you need to know about each of them:

Level 1: Basic Information and ID Verification
Information required to move to Level 1 includes:

– Email
– Full Name (first, middle and last)
– Date of birth
– Residential Address
– Nationality

Users must also submit a copy of a Government-issued identity document as well as a selfie of yourself.

Accepted Government-issued identity documents:

– Driver’s License
– International Passport
– Identification Card

Level 2: Address Authentication

If you are a level 1 verified user and want to be a Level 2 verified user, you will need to provide proof of your address document. Here’s a list of documents you can submit as proof of your address:

– Bank statement
– Utility bill (electricity, water, waste disposal, internet etc.)

For the above documents, please note that your address must be shown in full and that the name on the document must be similar to what was in the Government-issued identity document you submitted for Level 1.

Also, the document must not be older than 3 months and the document issuer must be visible.

Level 3: Source of Wealth Declaration Form Review

If you are a level 2 verified user and want to upgrade your account to Level 3, you will need to fill the Source of Wealth Declaration Form. This refers to the origin of how you obtained your entire body of wealth.

In order to ensure a stable and compliant fiat gateway, users buying crypto with credit & debit cards are required to complete Identity Verification.

Users who have already completed Identity Verification for their Binance account will be able to continue to buy crypto without any additional information required.

Users who are required to provide extra information will be prompted the next time they attempt to make a crypto purchase with a credit or debit card.

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